They Named a Lucha Libre Torneo After Me?

The purpose of this blog is to lift up the positive efforts I run accross in San Diego, specifically, those in the areas of Food, Coffee, Beer, Wine and the Arts. That is why I call myself a Celebrator, and not a Critic.

Not only am I unqualified to be a critic of anything, but more to the point, I truly just want to see more of the good stuff. More people joining in on positive movements. More butts in the seats at the ballet. More voices singing in the park.

Its not perfection that drives a movement, but passion. Love for what you are doing. People who drive change, who start movements, and found organizations are rarely perfect, but because they are putting ideas into action, they are better than perfect, because they are doing something.

It is to those people that I hope to tip my hat over and over, simply by pointing out what they are doing. I have made it my hobby, I am not a professional, and I do it because it makes me happy, and because it occasionally drives a few more people to try something new.

Well, today, I found out that because of my previous efforts to sponsor, promote, and drive people to attend events run by an enthusiastic, crazy and dedicated group of wrestlers in El Salvador, I have ben given the honor of an annual match, named after me! How crazy is that!

To explain the history of the little Craft Brewery my husband opened in El Salvador, and how our first and only sponsorship developed is a very long story. But the point of this post is simply to say, “Solely because I showed them some love, supported their efforts, and talked postiively about Arena Gladiadores, they named an annual match after me.”

How cool is that? On September 8th, in the parking lot under a shopping center in San Salvador, several of the craziest and most awesome people in the universe will compete in the Torneo Reyes Del Aire Nanelle Newbom.

If I could go back to San Salvador, I would. What a joy. How scattered but interwoven our lives can be. I have placed a couple samples of the underground Lucha events for your viewing pleasure.

The “Real World” is for loosers. Gimme my Lucha and a sandwich bag full of horchata.

I challenge all eight of you who read this article to go pump some effort up to the best of your ability. At worst, you will feel good about it, but who knows, you might get a dance named after you, or a pizza. And that is….. well…. its cool.