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Cold Brew and Hopped Toddy with Mondo Rodriguez

Last Week, Melealoha Redoble interviewed Mondo Rodriguez about the process he uses to make the Cold Brewed Coffee that they serve at The Swell Cafe. She also took some cool pics. Here is the interview she wrote about the process of making the beverage! It was fun getting to sit down with Armando Rodriguez (he […]

Balls and Restraint, a Beer Tasters View of Stone’s Enjoy By IPA 10-25-13

In a market where the sky is the limit, are constraints the answer to ongoing success? Think about it in the context of beer San Diego is blessed with an unfair number of Craft Breweries. We are in the happy position of being able to compare not just quality but also style choices. How amazing […]

modern times craft beer san diego tasting room

Freshie Freshie Gnar Gnar – Modern Times Beer Rocking It

Modern Times opened their tasting room, and I couldn’t be more delighted. Can you go wrong with a cartoon wall? Probably, butI think it would be difficult. More important is the beer. This is San Diego, and increasingly, having a cool naming scheme, and hairy hipsters working for you isn’t enough to keep you on […]