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modern times craft beer san diego tasting room

Freshie Freshie Gnar Gnar – Modern Times Beer Rocking It

Modern Times opened their tasting room, and I couldn’t be more delighted. Can you go wrong with a cartoon wall? Probably, butI think it would be difficult. More important is the beer. This is San Diego, and increasingly, having a cool naming scheme, and hairy hipsters working for you isn’t enough to keep you on […]

lucha libre nanelle newbom el salvador

They Named a Lucha Libre Torneo After Me?

The purpose of this blog is to lift up the positive efforts I run accross in San Diego, specifically, those in the areas of Food, Coffee, Beer, Wine and the Arts. That is why I call myself a Celebrator, and not a Critic. Not only am I unqualified to be a critic of anything, but […]

san diego foodie celebration

Hello San Diego!

Welcome to! I am going to be celebrating all of the world class Food, Coffee and Beer to be found in San Diego. This will NOT be a review site but a celebration site of the best of what San Diego brings to the table. Be a little patient as we launch this thing!