suzies organic csa farm san diego county

Suzie´s Farm Organic CSA in San Diego

Like so many people in San Diego, I try to live a healthier, more connected and delicious life. I also struggle against the influence of convenience, and old habits. My feet are trained to walk in certain directions, and I am as lazy as it gets when it comes to spending extra energy to live the way I believe I should.

suzies farm organic csa san deigoThis is where a good CSA comes in. CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture, but what it comes down to for the consumer is more like a “vegetable and fruit subscription”, or a, “greens of the week club”

This may not sound more fun than a barrel of monkeys, but give it a bit more thought. There is more to it than I used to think.

Once you sign up for your CSA, you have prepurchased your weekly produce for a set period of time. This finances the local farmers efforts (and we desperately need local farmers), and sets you up with fresh, organic and locally grown food, delivered to a drop point near you, weekly.

I used to protest that I dont even know how to cook half the things they include. Well, to shut us complainers up, Suzie´s Farm includes recipes relevant to the content of the box.

Over time, I have come to enjoy getting veggies I would never choose to buy at the store. The less common items broaden my diet, and improve my taste. Given my love for coffee and beer and the not-so-healthy foods that accompany them, this local farm box might just save my life!

Buying locally produced foods does many things. It supports local businesspeople who are producing something of value. Buying local reduces waste from transportation, and keeps your money cycling around the area where you live. Buying organic reduces the use of pesticides and herbacides, and is, in my opinion, healthier for the consumer as well.

Above all and from the purely selfish perspective, the farm boxes are delicious, pretty, and convenient. Give your local CSA a try. For your health, to improve your local economy, and for the health of the planet.

I use Suzie´s Farm, but there are other local farms to choose from, and I encourage you to take a look at your food buying options. Just because we grew up going to the grocery store, does not mean we have to stick to old habits when there are better choices out there.

Check out San Diego Roots and what they are up to. Buy better, eat better, live better.