Bird Rock Coffee Roasters Will Make You A Coffee Geek

La Jolla has it great in so many ways, and one of them is the presence of Bird Rock Coffee Roasters an excellent example of Direct Trade sourced,  artisan roasted, and well prepared coffee served in a beautifuly designed and proactively educational environment.

bird rock coffee roasters cappuccinoNot everyone is a Coffee Geek, but more of us should be.

Its worth it to ask more of your coffee, and more of yourself in appreciating the differences. At Bird Rock, the coffee is sourced in a manner that means that if attention is also paid in the roast process, and if the coffee is presented in a manner that allows you to taste it; the differences between one coffee and another are readily apparent, and pop out like the differences between one wine and another.

Differences. I love them.

Depending on the type of coffee business you enter the coffee may or may not demonstrate the qualities of its varietal, its region, the milling process, and so on. A competent roaster will present a variety of coffees which actively educate the taster. The drinker doesn’t even have to know they are studying the coffee sometimes. One day they wake up and realize they can taste the difference between a Geisha, and a Pacamara by taste, not from studying the bag. Trust, me it’s worth it.

There is much debate about the relevance of flavor descriptors on coffee bags, and this is totally reasonable. There is a lot of BS on some of those stickers, most of it unintentional. Coffee is an agricultural product, and one lot differs from another. Its also a a product which is “cooked” in a way that develops different aspects of the flavor depending on multiple factors in that process. It goes beyond “roast level”. Its not just light to dark. Roasting good coffees well is challenging work.

The rant above is there to explain that you are not crazy if you do not taste “lemon cookies dipped in chocolate” as described on the bag. Its about why, at many coffee shops, coffee could only be described as tasting “brown”. All the colors, aromas and flavors have been cooked away…which with some coffees is a good thing, because it is simply for the best that the flavor qualities of the specific product are removed. Bird Rock is the opposite, and I am always grateful for the great coffee they provide. They are a San Diego gem.

bird rock coffee roastersBird Rock Coffee Roasters stands out in San Diego as a leader in each aspect of gourmet coffee. They source their coffees directly, paying close attention to each part of the process and you can taste the difference in the cup.

San Diego takes a bit of heat regarding our alleged lack of food culture, but yet, Bird Rock Coffee Roasters won Roast Magazine´s Roaster of the Year 2012. 

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San Diego is a fabulous place to live. We have great local foor, beer, coffee and arts distinct to our region. If you want just a small taste of some of the positive energy coming out of San Diego, take a trip to Bird Rock and ask them to show off for you.