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Bird Rock Coffee Roasters Will Make You A Coffee Geek

La Jolla has it great in so many ways, and one of them is the presence of Bird Rock Coffee Roasters an excellent example of Direct Trade sourced,  artisan roasted, and well prepared coffee served in a beautifuly designed and proactively educational environment. Its worth it to ask more of your coffee, and more of yourself in […]

modern times craft beer san diego tasting room

Freshie Freshie Gnar Gnar – Modern Times Beer Rocking It

Modern Times opened their tasting room, and I couldn’t be more delighted. Can you go wrong with a cartoon wall? Probably, butI think it would be difficult. More important is the beer. This is San Diego, and increasingly, having a cool naming scheme, and hairy hipsters working for you isn’t enough to keep you on […]

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They Named a Lucha Libre Torneo After Me?

The purpose of this blog is to lift up the positive efforts I run accross in San Diego, specifically, those in the areas of Food, Coffee, Beer, Wine and the Arts. That is why I call myself a Celebrator, and not a Critic. Not only am I unqualified to be a critic of anything, but […]

san diego foodie celebration

Hello San Diego!

Welcome to! I am going to be celebrating all of the world class Food, Coffee and Beer to be found in San Diego. This will NOT be a review site but a celebration site of the best of what San Diego brings to the table. Be a little patient as we launch this thing!